January Newsletter

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Thank you for applying for a SIPA Micro-Grant!


SIPA and its Board of Directors are excited to review the 96 micro-grant applications received. Thanks to all those who applied to implement public facing projects in their communities. You can find a timeline of events for our Micro-Grant program on our website (sipa.colorado.gov/micro-grant).

SIPA encourages you to keep a look out for our next big event: the SIPA User Conference 2020! This is our 10th annual User Conference and Micro-Grant Ceremony. Save the date:

April 1, 2020 - we're not kidding!

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New to SIPA

New Service Launches

Important Dates

January 20 - SIPA Office closed in observance of the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

January 19-22 - Colorado County Clerks Conference 2020

February 6 - SIPA Board Meeting

February 5-7 - CO City and County Management Association Conference

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  • Did you know... that SIPA has a selection of Webinars covering our various services and tips and tricks? You can find it all here: https://bit.ly/2YDES6E
  • New to Drupal 8 (or curious) and trying to figure out who else is on the new platform and what trainings/guides to use? Check out SiteBuilder.colorado.gov for all of that and more!

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We are officially 77 days away from Census Day, April 1, 2020. Are you keeping track of all the things your organization can do to support the U.S. Census Bureau? Have you signed up for the Colorado Census Newsletter? Have you visited the Colorado Census 2020 tools and resources page? If not, click here for the latest and greatest information on how you can stay involved.

The links on this page provide resources to inform and motivate your community to complete the 2020 Census Form. Materials are updated frequently, so come back often for new resources.

Each month, new information and content regarding Census 2020 is provided by DOLA Deputy Executive Director, Natriece Bryant.

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