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Accessibility Grant Program

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Accessibility Grants for Colorado Governments Now Open

The  Colorado Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) has a new grant program for Colorado governments to help with your accessibility compliance needs. SIPA has partnered with Allyant to provide CommonLook Suite Licenses (has both CommonLook PDF and CommonLook Office) and CommonLook Training (CommonLook LMS & Webinar based) to enable your government to make existing PDFs compliant and/or generate compliant PDFs from Word and PowerPoint documents. If you have technical questions for Allyant, please email them at


You are an eligible applicant if...

You are a Colorado:

  • State Agency
  • Municipality
  • County
  • Special District
  • Public College or University
  • Public K-12 School District

This program is only for Colorado governments. CommonLook licenses will not be awarded to staff at special district management companies.

List of Current Awardees

Grant Acceptance Requirements

In order to successfully participate in this program:

  • You must have an existing Eligible Government Entity Agreement with SIPA
  • You must have, or be willing to procure, Adobe Acrobat PRO and/or MS Office Licenses that are needed to work with the CommonLook licenses
  • You must be willing to provide quarterly updates to SIPA on the number of PDFs made compliant through this program
  • Licenses will be deployed to a designated administrator for your government to distribute to staff internally
  • License recipients will have 45 days to deploy the CommonLook licenses they are allocated.
  • Unused licenses will be returned to the grant pool so that more Colorado governments can benefit from this program.

2024 Timeline - Subject to Change

March 27 - Applications Open at 9:00 AM MDT

TBD - Applications Close When Total Allotment Requested

April 2024 - Software Licenses Distributed

May 2024 - Training Webinars Begin

April 2025 - Software License Renewals by EGEs (optional)