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Micro-Grant Update: In Progress

The State Veterinarian’s Office | CO Department of Agriculture

The following is a little bit of inspiration for those of you considering, or in the middle of, applying for a Colorado SIPA Micro-Grant. Small reminder, the application process is easy and only takes about 10 minutes.

Project: Mobile and desktop application that processes and documents Electronic Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs) for veterinarians and animal owners in the state.

So what?: Every state has rules and regulations for moving livestock across state lines - this ensures that livestock are healthy to travel as well as mitigates potential disease transference from state to state. The State Veterinarian's Office processes every CVI for Colorado imports and exports. Historically the CVI process is bulky and paper-based, making it lengthy and CVIs difficult to index and search. The electronic options that are currently available from third-party vendors are costly for veterinarians. In 2018 they processed approximately 66,000 CVIs; paper certificates need to be scanned and hand entered into the database. The proposed VET-CVI application would make this entire process electronic and make searching for a specific animal or health-check easier and more timely, ensuring that sick documented animals are not traveling and infecting others.

The scoop: The State Veterinarian’s Office of the Colorado Department of Agriculture received a Micro-Grant in April 2019 to pursue development of an innovative new application called VET-CVI. With a Micro-Grant Award of $8,500, the State Veterinarian’s Office is still in the process of developing the project plan for the new application but hopes to begin development by the end of the year. This new application, promises to save time and money for veterinarians and animal owners across the state and CDA is already hearing about interest in the app from States other than our own.

SIPA is honored to have a hand in helping projects like this one come to fruition, and we enjoy reading each innovative project sent to us every year.


Apply for a Micro-Grant today!

New to SIPA

  • Metro State University
  • Carter Lake Filter Plant
  • Niwot Sanitation District
  • Prairie Center Metro District No. 7
  • Cuchares Ranch Metro District

SIPA Drupal 8 announced, click for more information or call Jamie @ 7204095631

New Service Launches

SIPA User Conference April 1, 2020 and thanks to our gold and platinum sponsors!

Important Dates

November 28 - SIPA Office Closed, Thanksgiving

December 2-4 - Colorado Counties, Inc. Winter Conference

December 5 - SIPA Board Meeting

SIPA #KeepsYouInTheKnow  
  • G Suite training @ Boulder Google Campus on December 2 & 5 discussing Google Cloud Platform and DialogFlow. Click for more information.
  • In our upcoming newsletters, SIPA will assist DOLA in helping to get information out about the 2020 Census. Each month, new information and content is provided by DOLA Deputy Executive Director, Natriece Bryant, in a segment titled: A Message from DOLA.

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The Census 2020 State Complete Count Committee's Rural Subcommittee is distributing a survey to gather information on barriers for Census 2020 completion specific to rural residents. The embedded survey link that can be shared is located via this link: survey – just a few minutes of your time can have a huge impact toward a complete Census 2020 count for Colorado.

Thanks for helping us reach rural residents in Colorado!

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