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SIPA GovGrants Program

Program Overview

SIPA is proud to announce the creation of our new SIPA GovGrants Program. The program will support and drive civic technology impact throughout Colorado by making government technology project grants across the state.

Through the portfolio of projects awarded under the SIPA GovGrants Program, we will be making tangible progress toward the following goals:

  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of government service delivery to the people of Colorado
  • Implementing innovative, high-impact technology solutions that help to cement Colorado’s status as a leader in civic technology
  • Supporting the Governor’s policy agenda and concentrating our impact in priority policy areas

Learn More: SIPA GovGrants Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Optional: SIPA GovGrants Applicant Worksheet

Key Details

Program: SIPA GovGrants

Supporting: Civic technology innovation

Who can apply: Any Colorado government with a SIPA EGE Agreement

Grant Amounts: $25,000 and up

Application Period: April 15 - June 21, 2024

Program Email:

SIPA GovGrants Program Manual

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What We're Looking For

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The mission of the Statewide Internet Portal Authority is to provide efficient and effective services for residents through the use of modern business practices and innovative technology solutions. The SIPA GovGrants Program will serve that mission by providing funding and support to innovative government technology projects at all levels of government across the state of Colorado.

Awarded proposals under this program will have some combination of the following features:

  • A strong connection to SIPA's mission: The proposal would advance the efficient and effective delivery of government services. It would produce resident-facing outcomes by implementing modern business practices through an innovative technology solution.
  • A clear theory of change: The proposal has identified a clear, well-scoped problem with the status quo, and has proposed a solution with a clear theory for how it will address the problem. The strongest proposals will be backed by research or evidence of success from other similar implementations. The proposal will identify measures of success based on outcomes, not outputs.
  • Innovation: The strongest proposals for the SIPA GovGrants Program will push the boundaries of civic technology. Proposals should include an innovative use of technology within the context in which it will be implemented.
  • Demonstrated implementation capacity: The proposal demonstrates the applicant's capacity to successfully implement the proposed solution. The proposed solution would be sustainable in the long-term.
  • A potential for impact proportional to the support requested: The project scope and the amount of support and funding requested is reasonable based on the potential positive outcomes that may be achieved.

Additional information about the ideal application content and the evaluation process and criteria can be found in the SIPA GovGrants Program Manual.

Who Can Apply?

The SIPA GovGrants Program is available to any Colorado government entity that is eligible to purchase products and services through SIPA. That means that any of the following Colorado government entities may be able to apply:

  • State Agency
  • Local Government
  • Special District
  • Public K-12
  • Public college or university

In order to apply, an agency/institution must have an active Eligible Government Entity (EGE) agreement with SIPA. SIPA already has over 900 active EGE agreements in place.

Learn more about SIPA EGE Agreements

How to Apply


Applications for SIPA GovGrants are now open

Applications for the first cycle of the SIPA GovGrants Program are now open! Use the button above or this link to access the application form. The form will collect general identifying information about the applicant and the proposal. The substance of the proposal will be submitted using document attachments. SIPA's goal is that applicants can provide documentation in whatever format they already have.

The SIPA GovGrants Program Manual describes the application content, application process, and the evaluation criteria that will be used to determine awards under the program. SIPA recommends that all applicants review the Manual, the application form, and the other GovGrants resources, then collect your proposal documents prior to submitting an application. SIPA has provided an optional Applicant Worksheet if you would prefer to prepare your application by responding to a set of questions.

The application form will be open until June 21st, 2024. Applications must be submitted by that date in order to be considered for this grant cycle.

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Colorado SIPA is Your Public Sector Partner

SIPA is a government entity that exists to serve other Colorado governments by saving them time and money through a simplified procurement process with suppliers vetted by SIPA. On top of that, SIPA has a variety of grant programs to support different kinds of government technology needs across Colorado.

SIPA can help you simplify your procurement process to get the technology products and services you need. Whatever the focus of your project or program, SIPA probably has a partner that can help you in improving the efficient and effective delivery of digital government services to the people of Colorado. Key categories in the SIPA portfolio include websites, payment processing, cybersecurity, and accessibility compliance. With SIPA's professional services suppliers, Colorado governments can get whatever kind of technology support they need so that governments can focus on their core missions.

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Who is SIPA?

Colorado’s Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) is the oversight authority of, but that is only one of the ways that SIPA supports state and local governments across Colorado. SIPA also provides technology solutions and services to government entities throughout the state, including special districts, public K-12 education entities, and colleges and universities. 

  • The mission of the Statewide Internet Portal Authority is to provide efficient and effective services for residents through the use of modern business practices and innovative technology solutions. 
  • Our purpose is to improve the quality of life in Colorado by connecting the public to efficient services through technology, enabling governments to focus on their core missions.