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User Conference Agenda 2022

Colorado Focus Panels & Professional Development Sponsor Case Studies
  • Website Accessibility
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Broadband: Where Are We, and Where Are We Going?
  • CGAIT: Cybersecurity for Local Governments
  • RubinBrown: Cybersecurity Trends Impacting the Public Sector

  • Promote the Good Work You Do!
  • Colorado's Water Opportunities & Challenges
  • Resultant: Digital Transformation
  • How to Work with SIPA
  • A Guide to Building a Personal Brand for Success
  • Slalom: Government Data Advisory Board for a Modern Culture of Data
  • Cryptocurrency for Government Payments
  • Exploring the Digital Front Door
  • Granicus: Citizen Engagement that Enhances the Digital Experience
  • Human-Centered Research in Service of the Underserved
  • The Power of CultureThe Power of Culture


  • Colorado's Security Initiatives



  • Growing Forward:  Population and Economic Trends in Colorado

Luncheon Keynote

Say Yes, And! The world is changing faster than ever. In order to keep up - not to mention, get ahead - people need to be open-minded and embrace change. Unfortunately, it seems the more people need to accept change, the more likely they are to resist it. While there are many reasons for this, the real problem can be summed up in two simple words: “Yes, but.” Sit back, relax and be ready to laugh and learn how to use improvisation to adapt to any situation... and change that "Yes, But!" to a "Yes, And!" Speaker: Avish Parashar 

Colorado Broadband: Where Are We, and Where Are We Going?
Speaker: Mark Colwell, Colorado Broadband Office, Presentation Slides & Video
The federal government has made an unprecedented investment to deploy broadband to all Americans and close the digital divide. The Colorado Broadband Office (CBO) is responsible for planning and distributing grant dollars in Colorado - which could be as much as $700M - to local governments, utilities, and service providers. Mark will provide an update on the CBO's activities and how they are pursuing Governor Polis's goal of connecting 99% of Colorado households by 2027.
Promote the Good Work You Do!
Speaker: Brandon Williams, Eagle County, Presentation Slides & Video
Over the last decade, government communications have drifted increasingly towards marketing, infographs and cherry-picked, bite-sized information - which are great for pushing messages, but which can undermine clarity and "whole picture" trust by the public of government messaging. These trends have also obscured the core relationship governments have with their target audience, which is more of a shareholder relationship. But can a new approach that looks at the longer term goals and measures work in a social or new media environment?  We think so - at least... we're making a run at it. Come learn about the approach and off-the-shelf Google-based tools Eagle County is using to rethink communications messaging, frequency, and packaging to focus on transparency and accountability... while simultaneously putting people and staff "first" in that process.  
How to Work with SIPA.
Understanding who SIPA is and what SIPA does may seem overwhelming. But it is really quite simple. SIPA's Customer Success Director and Contract Manager/ Legislative Liaison will lead the audience through a quick introduction of SIPA, providing insight into the SIPA statute, the contracting process, introduce the audience to the portfolio of SIPA's products and services, and the numerous benefits of working with SIPA.
Cryptocurrency for Government Payments
In February 2022, Governor Polis announced Colorado’s initiative to accept cryptocurrency for payment of state taxes, demonstrating Colorado’s continued commitment to innovation. Learn how SIPA's partner, NIC Colorado, worked with the Department of Revenue to implement a service solution this summer, how the crypto payment service works, and what’s next for the adoption of cryptocurrency payments in Colorado.
Human-Centered Research in Service of the Underserved
Speakers: Rosalie Johnson, Colorado DMV, Benjamin Mitchell, Colorado DMV, and Lindsey Barron, Slalom Consulting, Presentation Slides, Video
Colorado’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) strives to provide equitable access to the public for all driver and vehicle services anytime, anywhere. CO DMV will co-present with Slalom Consulting on how they partnered on a human-centered research approach to answer the following questions:
•    Who is considered ‘underserved’ by CO DMV services today? And what barriers currently exist that prevent these populations from accessing CO DMV services?
•    What key use cases will have the biggest impact on these underserved populations? And what capabilities will allow CO DMV to better engage and serve them?
Colorado's Cybersecurity Initiative
Speakers: Ray Yepes & Craig Hurter, Governor's Office of Information Technology, Video
Learn more from the State of Colorado security leaders about Cyber insurance; Threat intelligence unit; Joint Task Force Unit; and Virtual CISOs.
Growing Forward: Population and Economic Trends in Colorado
Speaker: Elizabeth Garner, Department of Local Affairs, Presentation Slides, Video
Initial Census 2020 data show a rapidly changing US population not only in its characteristics but also in its geographic shifts. These data reveal critical trends impacting Colorado’s housing, labor force, economy, and service demands for the next few years and decades. This session will provide key findings from Census 2020 for the US and Colorado and discuss the short and long run implications for Colorado and its local governments and others to help them adapt to the challenges. 
Website Accessibility
Speakers: Karen Pellegrin, Laurie Kubitz, Governor's Office of Information Technology, Presentation Slides, Video

Inaccessible government technology interferes with many people's ability to obtain and use information quickly, easily and equitably. In alignment with Governor Polis’ focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion—a “Colorado for All” way of governing and decision-making—House Bill 21-1110 strengthened state discrimination laws for individuals with disabilities making it a state civil rights violation for a government agency to exclude people with disabilities from receiving services or benefits because of lack of accessibility. Learn what this means for local and state governments and the steps that your teams can take now to integrate accessibility into roles and processes in order to provide equitable services and comply with state accessibility standards.

Emotional Intelligence - A Leadership Advantage
Speaker: Andy Cornell, Coach Cornell LLC
Emotional Intelligence is a leadership competency that quickly went from nice-to-have to must-have for leaders attempting to navigate in increasingly collaborative, connected, and complex work environments. Leading in the post-pandemic world is more about understanding neuroscience and your own levels of self-awareness to handle ambiguous situations, conflict resolution and relationship management. Learn why EQ is an essential skill for today’s leaders. 
CGAIT Panel: Cybersecurity for Local Governments
Panelists: Amanda Bay, Eagle County and Benjamin Edelen, Boulder County, Presentation Slides
Interested in learning how local governments are generating cybersecurity awareness in their organizations? We’ll focus on training and end user engagement as well as best practices for implementing easy wins in cybersecurity.
Colorado's Water Opportunities & Challenges
Hear from a diverse group of water leaders in our community on their most pressing water issues.
Delivering on Your Promise: A Guide to Building a Personal Brand for Success
Speaker: Diane Zile, JERA Partnerships
Reputation is the cornerstone of leadership and impacts every aspect of your life and career-- the key is to lead “on purpose”. Discover your authentic self and begin the process of building your own personal brand. In this dynamic and engaging session, we’ll explore the importance of strategically building your own personal brand to support your career goals and propel you to success. You’ll establish a clear vision of where you’re headed and develop strategies that will help you get there.
Exploring the Digital Front Door
Governments, just like their residents and businesses, are increasingly engaging audiences online and on the go. And with such broad audiences and varied subject matter, governments have an added challenge of presenting succinct and valuable information that optimally serves the community. Managing an effective online presence increasingly requires strong tools, current expertise, and flexibility. In this session, you will learn how state and local governments engage with residents through various platforms. 
The Power of Culture
Speaker: Ernesto Chavez, City of Lafayette, Presentation Slides
How to break loose from negative work cultures and understand how individual influence can fuel positive organizational change.

NIC Colorado - Portal

Speakers: Michael Ansley, General Manager, Blair Secker, Lead Project Manager, Ashley Turner, Product Manager, and Alexa Davis, Lead Project Manager, Presentation Slides

Easily transform the way you serve Coloradans online with NIC services. The NIC Team will highlight the latest in digital government services, including the self-service digital platform AccessGov, new features for accessible websites on the NIC CMS Platform, and ready online payment processing tools to ensure secure, efficient transactions.
RubinBrown: Cybersecurity Trends Impacting the Public Sector
Speakers: Rob Rudloff, RubinBrown and Joe Milliken, City of Westminster, Presentation Slides
Cyber threat actors continue to target the public sector causing disruption and costing millions of dollars.  We will review the current cyber threat trends and common attacks.  More importantly, we’ll discuss practical actions each organization can take to protect themselves and some of the tools available.  Risk cannot be eliminated but informed decisions can be used to reduce the likelihood and impact of potential threats.
Resultant: Digital Transformation
Speaker: Steve Abdalla, Resultant and Kateri Abeyta, City and County of Broomfield, Presentation Slides
Technology is never the point….unless you are a technophile. But for citizens, it's all about the outcomes, all about the services we need. And for those delivering essential services to citizens of the great state of Colorado, it's about outcomes and productivity. How do we, charged with the stewardship of our citizens, leverage technology not to digitize our jobs, but to Digitally Transform how we deliver value? How can SIPA bring better outcomes to citizens through improved business processes powered by truly innovative technologies? Let's inspire each other.
Government Data Advisory Board (GDAB) for a Modern Culture of Data
Speakers: Amy Giles Bhikha, OIT, Kristina Conley, Slalom Consulting 
The Chief Data Officer (CDO) for the State of Colorado, Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) set a vision to help agencies leverage the state’s data assets to deliver secure, impactful, constituent-centric services and enable data-driven policy decisions. The Colorado Government Data Advisory Board (GBAB) aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state government, Coloradan service delivery and policymaking by providing guidance and recommendations on how the state should govern and manage data and data management systems. The CDO will co-present with Slalom Consulting on how they partnered to focus on the following objectives:
  • How do you define a strategic vision for data management capabilities aligned to the needs of state agency, government, legislative, and public needs?
  • What can data leaders do to mature their organizational data and analytics capabilities to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of services?
  • How can the GDAB institute modern culture of data practices to increase data governance, access and transparency of their data assets and alignment of service?
Granicus: Citizen Engagement that Enhances the Digital Experience
Speakers: Michelle Stephens and Sam Morton, Granicus, Kirk Teklits, DNR, Presentation Slides
Granicus will be discussing digital transformation for state and local governments, with a focus on how the Granicus Citizen Engagement Platform can enhance the overall digital experience for the people your agency serves.