2019 - 2020 Recipients


Thanks for your interest in the SIPA Micro-Grant.

This year, we received 95 requests for micro-grants and are able to fund 35 of those totaling $147,000.

View a map of all new and past awardees across Colorado below.

Organization Amount Purpose
City of Boulder $6,500.00 Create an online portal for the food tax rebate program that allows households to apply for a rebate for the purposes of food security.
City of Colorado Springs $3,000.00 Inventory, scan, and digitize thousands of historical records, making them freely and easily accessible online to both the public and City staff.
City of Fountain $3,000.00 Digitize 161 years worth of documents from the City Clerk’s office for public online access.
Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind $6,500.00 Improve the school district's website by migrating to SIPA/CI's colorado.gov.
Colorado State Judicial $6,500.00 Set-up, site migration and customization on SIPA/CI's new Drupal 8 platform.
Denver Public Library $6,500.00 Digitize building permits in the Denver Public Library’s collections and encourage their use to understand the people and places that make Denver unique.
Department of Agriculture Animal Health Laboratory $8,500.00 Make a vital enhancements to a mobile application that allows veterinarians to submit data electronically for rapid, efficient testing of Equines.
Department of Human Services Behavioral Health Ombudsman $300.00 Set up an independent G Suite account for the office through SIPA and Tempus Nova.
Department of Labor and Employment $6,500.00 Streamline the claimant online experience and increase the utilization of self-service Colorado Unemployment Insurance claims by state unemployed workers.
Department of Natural Resources $6,500.00 Set-up, website migration and customization on SIPA/CI's colorado.gov new Drupal 8 platform.
Department of Natural Resources Division of Water Resources $6,500.00 Website migration with SIPA and CI to colorado.gov.
Department of Treasury $5,000.00 Perform a full update of the Department of Treasury's public facing website on SIPA/CI's colorado.gov platform.
Douglas County Conservation District $300.00 Upgrade to G Suite for a safer, more professional email provider through SIPA and Tempus Nova.
Fruitdale Sanitation District $3,500.00 Transition to the secure cloud G Suite platform with SIPA and Tempus Nova.
Genesee Fire Protection District $4,250.00 Facilitate the creation of a new and interactive website, on SIPA/CI's colorado.gov platform, focused on community preparedness.
Hinsdale County $2,000.00 Improve the County's website on the SIPA/CI colorado.gov platform to improve navigation and to provide better interaction with constituents such as “How Do I ….” for potential bill paying (trash & fees), add CORA request forms.
Hinsdale County $5,000.00 Broadband: to purchase conduit for fiber to be placed during existing construction projects for eventual fiber ring with multiple anchor institutions for improved, consistent, redundant communication.
Jefferson County Clerk $8,500.00 Continue offering transparency to the citizens of Jefferson County by furthering the use of technological applications for the 2020 election.
Las Animas County $3,750.00 Improve website and migrate data by moving to Colorado.gov  SIPA/CI that includes ADA compliance.
Little Thompson Water District $3,500.00 Website migration to SIPA/CI's colorado.gov with an updated web design, coding and training.
Morgan County $4,050.00 Cover the one-time setup fees for implementation to stream meetings using Granicus.
Office of Economic Development and International Trade $8,500.00 Support the development of a cutting-edge website, on SIPA/CI's colorado.gov platform, to serve as the hub of information for programs while creating a new standard for state agencies.
Office on Judicial Performance Evaluation $6,500.00 Migrate to SIPA/CI's colorado.gov to provide accurate information, for the residents of Colorado, for the 2020 election.
Pueblo County $6,500.00 Make the County Commissioner's public meeting process more transparent and efficient and save paper by using the Granicus platform.
Ragged Mountain Fire Protection District $3,250.00 Migrate to SIPA/CI's colorado.gov to offer a high-quality website to effectively communicate with constituents with important information, and to interact with District Members and Residents.
Town of Akron $3,500.00 To transition to G Suite with SIPA and Tempus Nova for all department heads to have their own work email address, therefore not relying on personal email addresses to conduct business.
Town of Castle Rock $5,000.00 Provide the citizens and visitors of Castle Rock with trail conditions including sidewalk clearing during snow events.
Town of Dolores $4,250.00 Create a quality website on SIPA/CI's no-cost platform on Colorado.gov to provide functional, effective communication and service to residents.
Town of Dolores $3,500.00 Transition to G Suite with SIPA and Tempus Nova that includes Technical and Training Services, as well as Project Management.
Town of Olney Springs $300.00 Switch staff's residential gmail account to a governmental gmail account to G Suite through SIPA and Tempus Nova.
Town of Olney Springs $3,750.00 Website migration with SIPA and CI to colorado.gov.
Town of Rockvale $300.00 Set up secure emails through SIPA and Tempus Nova for town staff and board members for better communication.
Town of Silt $2,610.00 Implement the Granicus Communications Cloud to connect with more people by leveraging the Cloud.
Town of Westcliffe $6,477.27 Broadband: to provide additional Wi-Fi Access Point node (#12) to the existing Main Street Wi-Fi System that provides complimentary casual internet access to public areas in Westcliffe.
Town of Williamsburg $4,500.00 Offer a higher-quality website with more functionality to effectively communicate with residents by moving to the SIPA/CI Colorado.gov.