Intro to SIPA

Who SIPA Serves

State agencies, local governments, special districts, public K-12, colleges, and universities   


SIPA, the Statewide Internet Portal Authority, was created by Colorado Statute in 2004, to develop the officially recognized statewide internet portal ( to connect citizens with state and local government in Colorado. SIPA provides governments with the efficient technology solutions they need to enable their residents to obtain information and conduct business electronically.

  • SIPA is governed by a Board of Directors  
  • The Board appoints an Executive Director to oversee daily operations, and to ensure the goals and objectives of the Authority are met
  • SIPA is self-funded, meaning, no tax dollars or appropriated funds are used
  • SIPA is a government charged with assisting Colorado governments in putting more information and services online to engage with constituents 24/7
  • SIPA provides technology solutions and is a procurement vehicle for those technologies
  • SIPA negotiates private sector partnerships and price so governments don't have to

Benefits of SIPA

  • Provides a simple and streamlined procurement process
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Ability to skip an RFP process
  • No-cost technology services through the portal
  • Competitively priced private sector technologies
  • Saves you time and money!

SIPA and

SIPA is the oversight body of the web portal, the gateway to Colorado government. With services powered by our Portal Integrator, Colorado Interactive, is Colorado's single most comprehensive delivery channel for no-cost e-Government services like websites, online forms, payment processing and event registration applications.

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