History & Background

SIPA is a Government Entity

In response to the Portal Plan in Senate Bill 03-336, Senate Bill 04-244 (C.R.S. § 24-37.7-101 et seq.) was passed and signed to create the Statewide Internet Portal Authority. SIPA was charged to create an efficient, effective, and user friendly statewide internet portal to serve as a place where citizens can electronically access state government information, products, and services, as well as provide e-Government services to state and local governments.

Colorado SIPA is government logo, text: sipa was created by statute and is self-funded

SIPA is Self-Funded

What does this mean? The self-funded model requires no tax dollars or appropriated funds. Under this model, other revenue sources are identified and established to fund no-cost portal offerings and competitively priced solutions. The self-funded portal remains financially viable by charging approved administrative fees on certain transaction services. The fees are then reinvested to provide micro-grants, infrastructure and services that enhance the efficiency of Colorado government interactions with residents and businesses.

Colorado SIPA logo as an overlay of the state capitol