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Time Technology Panel Portal Spotlights
  Room 1D Room 1E Room 1C Room 1F
8:00am Check in / Coffee & Refreshments
8:30am Welcome by Jack Arrowsmith, SIPA
9:00am Census Kick-off by Natriece Bryant, DOLA
9:15 - 10am
Opening Keynote

The Disruption of Driverless Mobility: Autonomous taxis (RoboTaxis) are now beginning to arrive, mostly in warm climates such as Phoenix and California. The economic, environmental, and societal disruption of this technology will be profound. Within the coming decade, door-to-door, on-demand mobility services will be available for even less than a subsidized bus ticket. For example, Tesla claims they will have a million highly-profitable Model 3 RoboTaxis on our highways within the next three years—and GM and Google’s Waymo won’t be far behind. If you think traffic is bad today, imagine if Uber and Lyft charged 60 cents a mile—or less! Is this scenario possible? And can Traffic Armageddon be avoided?

Keynote: Rutt Bridges

Break Break - Coffee & Vendor Exhibits in Room 1A & 1B
10:30 - 11:15am

What's the News on Broadband Across the State?

Cyber Security Insurance SIPA/CI: Portal Building a Personal Brand
Break Break - Coffee & Vendor Exhibits in Room 1B & 1C
11:20am - 12:05pm Transit App: A Shared Service for Local Gov't Government Owned Broadband Streamlining Secure Transactions: Payments SIPA & Low-Cost SaaS: Overview
Break Grab lunch & a drink and meet back in 1D for the Luncheon Keynote. Other rooms will be streaming the session.
12:30 - 1:15pm
Luncheon Keynote

Say Yes, And! The world is changing faster than ever. In order to keep up - not to mention, get ahead - people need to be open-minded and embrace change. Unfortunately, it seems the more people need to accept change, the more likely they are to resist it. While there are many reasons for this, the real problem can be summed up in two simple words: “Yes, but.” Sit back, relax and be ready to laugh and learn how use improvisation to adapt to any situation... and change that "Yes, But!" to a "Yes, And!"

Keynote: Avish Parashar

Break Break - Coffee & Vendor Exhibits in Room 1A & 1B
1:30 - 2:15pm Unpacking Blockchain for the Public Sector Websites & Community Engagement Easy Solutions for Complex Problems: Applications Attitude is a Choice
Break Break - Coffee & Vendor Exhibits in Room 1B & 1C
2:30 - 3:15pm Building Trust in Gov't Through Technology CGAIT Panel Leveraging Your Online World: D8 Avoiding Burnout & Other Traps
Break Break - Coffee & Vendor Exhibits in Room 1A & 1B
3:30 - 4:15pm
Closing Keynote

Local governments, meet and ask questions of state leaders you work with most: the Departments of Local Affairs, Revenue and Health and Human Services. Dig into what you need to know about the new leadership and upcoming improvements and initiatives for each executive branch office that have the pleasure of working towards the greater good for the residents of Colorado.

Executive Directors: DOLA's Rick Garcia, DOR's Lu Cordova, and CDHS' Michelle Barnes

4:15 - 6:00pm

Conference Reception


Micro-Grant Awards Ceremony


Technology Track

What's the News on Broadband Across the State?


Where is Colorado with statewide Broadband? Studies show there has been an increase in rural access with much support from the Governor's Broadband Office. The state is investing $115 million during the next five years to grow the short-term goal of 92% rural access to 100%. Learn how the Broadband Office plans to support state and local governments in reaching 100% connectivity!

Transit App: A Shared Service for Local Governments
Would your county or city benefit from a Transit App? Eagle County has built a shared application for Colorado wanting to provide trip planning for commuters and tourists using Google. The app works offline, is multilingual, and enables users to filter options based on need. Join us to learn about this innovative shared service for Colorado governments.
Unpacking Blockchain for the Public Sector
Speaker: Thad Batt
Blockchain's first use case was money, but there are potential applications for the technology that reach beyond. As it matures, blockchain is becoming a useful tool for building digital product providing secure transactional solutions for business problems in government and beyond.
Building Trust in Government Through Technology
Gaining trust from your constituents can be as easy as gathering the data. At a time when government services are increasing, trust and confidence in government are decreasing. Trust can only be regained when resident’s experiences with government meet their expectations. Learn how technology makes it possible for governments to build a future where feedback from customers and employees is used to create experiences that work for everyone.


Panels Track

Cyber Security Insurance: Breach Preparation Risk Management
Moderator: Jerrod Roth
Does your government have cyber insurance? Should you? Join us for this panel discussion to learn how to prepare for security incidents, and discuss operational and governance best practices, insurance and legal preparations you can take today to effectively manage the risk of a security breach.
Government Owned Broadband
Moderator: Greg Winkler


The need for ubiquitous fiber and wireless infrastructure is still evident for local Colorado communities. This panel will walk us through the local government journey of gaining community support, funding, implementation and public/private partnerships for government owned broadband.


Websites and Community Engagement
Moderator: Cory Nicholson


Join this panel to discuss the dos and don't of website community engagement, user experience, best practices, and website migration with state and local experts.


CGAIT Panel: Cyber Security Awareness
Moderator: Sarah Wright
Interested in learning how local Colorado municipalities are generating cybersecurity awareness in their organizations? We’ll focus on training and end user engagement as well as best practices for implementing easy wins in cybersecurity. Track

SIPA/CI 101: Portal Overview


Does your organization have questions or concerns about electronic payments, effective websites, or creating online applications? If so, you should plan to attend this workshop. Members of the SIPA and Colorado Interactive team will be on hand to explain these no-cost solutions.

Easy Solutions for Complex Problems: Applications
How can we use technology to transform archaic systems into effective teams and happy constituents? How can we increase convenience for residents while also reducing administrative burden for our staff members? Configurable applications and customized solutions can break up the complexity of mixed-system processes and materially improve the relationship between you and your residents. In this session, we’ll take a look at easy solutions for collecting important documents, integrating transaction information with back office systems, eliminating paper processes, reducing errors and redundancies, and more, turning everyday headaches into increased efficiency.
Streamlining Secure Transactions: Payments
Processing payment transactions online materially improves the lives of our residents and the efficiency of our businesses. Online payment processing also reduces administrative activity and risk. Yet on the surface, payment processing may seem intimidating. What about security? What does it mean to be the merchant of record? How can I integrate a payment processor into my current business processes or solutions? Can I rely on an online system? Colorado Interactive leverages its PCI Level 1 systems to process 7.6 million transactions in Colorado each year. In this session, we’ll discuss how securely processing payments online and integrating with back office system is increasingly easier for governments and communities of all sizes.
Leveraging Your Online World: D8
Governments, just like their residents and businesses, are increasingly engaging audiences online and on the go. And with such broad audiences and varied subject matter, governments have an added challenge of presenting succinct and valuable information that optimally serves the community. Managing an effective online presence increasingly requires strong tools, current expertise, and flexibility. In this session, we’ll examine website resources, functionality, features, and best practices that can help you bring your website game to the next level.


Spotlights Track

Delivering on Your Promise: A Guide to Building a Personal Brand for Success

Reputation is the cornerstone of leadership and impacts every aspect of your life and career-- the key is to lead “on purpose”. Discover your authentic self and begin the process of building your own personal brand. In this dynamic and engaging session, we’ll explore the importance of strategically building your own personal brand to support your career goals and propel you to success. You’ll establish a clear vision of where you’re headed and develop strategies that will help you get there.


SIPA Overview: Low-Cost Services

Do you know about all the services SIPA has to offer? Learn more from SIPA's trusted, contracted vendors about products and service offerings for your organization.


Attitude is a Choice

Your attitude doesn’t just happen. In the immortal words of the rock band Rush, “If you choose not to decide, You still have made a choice.” Each and every day we choose how we respond to the world around us, it is honestly the only part of the world around us that we do have any control over. In this session we will discuss not only how we currently choose our attitude, but what steps we can take to choose a better one simply by changing the way we interact with the world and the people in that world.


Avoiding Burnout & Other Traps: Renewal & Self-care Practices


Connect the dots between self-care and your capacity to be an effective change maker in the workplace. Many of us are engaged in social impact via our work in sustainability, democracy, conscious business and more. Burnout is a crushing problem today especially for deeply committed change makers. Join us on the quest for a better way to live, lead and think about the relationship between personal and professional excellence.


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